Sunday NIght Gathering

In our Lenten series, Before I Go, we'll be talking about some of Jesus' last words and discover what Jesus really wanted His followers - both then and now - to know and do.  

  • Sunday, February 26th @ 5:30pm in the Youth Center (The Fish Tank) - Week One of Before I Go.  
  • Sunday, March 5th @ 5:30pm in the Youth Center (The Fish Tank) - Week Two of Before I Go.
  • Sunday, March 12th: Fellowship Night at Main Event @ 5:15pm (Additional information will be available soon!) 
  • Sunday, March 19th @ 5:30pm in the Youth Center (The Fish Tank) - Week Three of Before I Go.
  • Sunday, March 26th @ 5:30pm in the Youth Center (The Fish Tank) - Week Four of Before I Go. 
  • Sunday, April 2nd: No Sunday Night Gathering (Spring Break)
  • Sunday, April 9th: No Sunday Night Gathering (Easter Sunday)


Squad Madness is back!  Squad Madness is about you and your squad going head-to-head against other squads to win points and becoming the Squad Madness Champions!  It will be a lot of fun, so we encourage you to invite your friends!    

Midweek Student devotional videos

A short devotional shared by students will be posted on our YouTube channel and available to watch on Wednesdays by 10am.  We encourage you to tune in! 

Week One (Wednesday, March 1st) 

Week Two (Wednesday, March 8th) 

Week Three (Wednesday, March 15th)

Week Four (Wednesday, March 22nd) 

Week Five (Wednesday, March 29th)
Week Six (Wednesday, April 5th)  

read with us

Maybe you've wanted to read the Bible, but it has been challenging to do it ALONE!  We want to encourage you to take advantage of reading TOGETHER during Lent.  Click here to download the reading schedule as we read through The Gospel of Luke.  

Serve with us

Serving others is one of the ways we can grow and live out our faith.  We are working towards organizing different serving opportunities, so, please be on the lookout for serving opportunities during Lent.     

journey with us

Throughout the season of Lent, we will have various contents posted on our Student Ministry social media accounts to encourage spiritual growth and fun!  So, make sure to follow us and subscribe to our YouTube channel.