Lenten series: bittersweet

In our Lenten series, we're going to talk about forgiveness.  So, you've forgiven, but how can you tell if it's even working?  That hurt, frustration, or confusion is still very real and "they" never actually said sorry.  We know when the worst stuff happens to us it can feel sweet to stay bitter.  But maybe there's a better answer.  In this series, we'll learn how when you don't forgive, it hurts you, that everybody needs forgiveness, and how it's okay that healing doesn't always happen overnight. 

  • Sunday, March 6th @ 5:30pm in the Fish Tank
  • Sunday, March 13th @ 5:30pm in the Fish Tank
  • Sunday, March 20th @ 5:30pm in the Fish Tank
  • Sunday, March 27th @ 5:30pm in the Fish Tank (Guest Speaker: Kristen Vincent) 


Squad Madness is about you and your squad going head-to-head against other squads to win points by winning to become Squad Madness Champions!  There will be great prizes for the winning squad.  It's going to be a whole lot of fun, so we encourage you to invite your friends! 

journey with us!

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